What Is Goviva All About?


  • Goviva is the most trusted source for once-in-a-lifetime unique experiences.
  • We specialize in curating and fulfilling bucket list experiences in the areas of Sporting Events, Entertainment, Active Lifestyle, Arts & Fashion, Food & Wine, and Celebrity.
  • The name Goviva comes from the Latin “to live” or “one who lives life.” It reflects the adventurous, “carpe diem” spirit of the experiences we offer.
  • We believe life is made up of continuous experiences. Experience life with Goviva.


Who Is On The Goviva Team?


  • Our team has been designing travel and event experiences for over twenty years.
  • We have created and executed experiences across the globe.
  • Through intense due diligence and fostering deep relationships with access providers, we have assembled an unrivaled collection of premium experiences.


Goviva Is Dedicated To Serving Our Clients


  • At Goviva we are intent on providing the highest level of customer care—and our travel and event experiences are only part of the total Goviva experience. We are confident that you will find Goviva’s extensive top-to-bottom pre-planning and coordination of experience packages to be on par with the highest quality hospitality services in the world.
  • We pride ourselves on customizing the experience to meet your individual needs, then handling every detail so that your only task is to relax and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.
  • To ensure that your experience is second to none, we take one crucial extra step–we provide you with your own individual Goviva Experience Specialist who will expertly handle all the planning, both before and during your chosen experience. From offering local insider recommendations for dining, shopping and entertainment, to arranging additional VIP privileges, to handling special requests large and small, your Experience Specialist will be at your service to help create a truly unforgettable experience.



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